The subject of male breast reductions has for many years been taboo. Even though many men suffer from gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts, they are often hesitant to talk about it or seek to have it corrected.

In 2014, Dr. Robert Sleightholm helped to open up a discussion on the subject and demystify male breast reductions for listeners of Ontario’s popular “Humble & Fred” radio show.

During their conversations, Dr. Sleightholm and the hosts talked about the procedure itself and the stigma that surrounds open discussions about the condition.
Listen to the full Humble and Fred interview here.

male breast reductionHow Will Dr. Sleightholm Perform Male Breast Reductions?

During a male breast reduction, Dr. Sleightholm will insert a small hollow tube through tiny incisions near the excess tissue. He will then suction out excess fat. In some cases, Dr. Sleightholm will need to remove breast tissue through an incision around the lower half of the areola perimeter.

The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic, and Dr. Sleightholm assures that post-surgery pain is minimal. After the procedure, patients will have a flatter, better-proportioned chest. Some patients also ask to have asymmetrical nipples corrected.

Patients are generally able to resume normal activities about a week after their procedure. Bruising and swelling subsides in about two weeks. Scars are very small and improve over time.  There are very few risks associated with the procedure.

Advice on Choosing the Right Cosmetic Surgeon from Dr. Robert Sleightholm

“It’s important to select a board certified plastic surgeon with the educational background, training, and credentials to safely and professionally perform this type of procedure. The physician you select should be dedicated to plastic and cosmetic surgery.”